CarrierHQ & Aon Affinity

No Money Down Insurance

Looking for a cash flow friendly insurance option, but can’t seem to find it? CarrierHQ has you (and your wallet) covered!

With a quick quoting process, competitive annual insurance premiums, and no money down payment option, Aon Affinity and CarrierHQ offer an exclusive insurance option your fleet can’t afford to pass up.

  • Get a free quote through Aon Affinity in minutes
  • No premium finance
  • Pay as you go monthly installments
  • Lower premiums for safe driving
  • Seamlessly add or remove units based on business changes

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CarrierHQ is rolling out all across the US.

Now Available:

Alabama, California, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont

Coming Soon:

Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah

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Services at Your Fingertips

Activate CarrierHQ along with other great services through CarrierHQ’s online portal.

Motor Carrier Insurance

CarrierHQ & Aon Affinity and No Money Down Insurance


CarrierHQ certified factoring with CarrierHQ’s bill pay.


ELD data from dozens of Aon-compliant ELD brands (like Geotab).

Business Services

From DOT to business formation, we set you up for success.

Fuel Cards

Save at the pump with the fuel card that fits your needs.

CarrierHQ Certified Factoring

With CarrierHQ’s Bill Pay

CarrierHQ Certified Factoring comes together with CarrierHQ Partner Services to complement each other in a way that’s revolutionizing the industry. Your monthly motor carrier insurance installments and your CarrierHQ Partner bills are automatically paid via your factoring activity. Get paid faster. No guessing games. Our portal pays these bills for you, automatically.

CarrierHQ & LegalInc

Company Formation & DOT Filing

Interested in starting your business, but don’t know where to begin? CarrierHQ can help.

Let us do the heavy hauling while setting up your LLC and DOT. You’ll be on your way to operating a fleet of your own in no time.

Start Your Business

  • DOT and LLC filing made easy
  • Setup is complete in one month or less
  • CarrierHQ’s online portal walks you through the process
  • Set up your LLC with multiple tax options, including S-Corp, C-Corp, partnership or sole proprietorship

Take advantage of CarrierHQ’s offerings

and get back on the road.