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CarrierHQ factoring offers a non-recourse program, where we take the credit risk for your clients. We stay in communication with you and your shippers to help facilitate any disputes, only requesting additional information when needed.


Factoring is an alternative to traditional financing that does not require a traditional credit check. Once approved and upon delivery of your freight from a credit-approved shipper or broker, you can sell your receivable to a factor who will pay you the invoice rate at a slight discount and manage the collection process for you.


By factoring, you receive cash quickly and avoid the hassle of following up on collection calls.

Factoring to Get Cash Fast

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Low Non-Recourse Rates (let us take the risk!)

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High Advance Rate

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Get Paid Fast!

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No Liens Filed During Quick Application and Approval Process

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No Hidden Fees – No Long Term Commitment

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FREE Credit Checks

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Electronic Invoice Submission

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Pair Factoring and Insurance to Create a No Money Down Option

to create a no money down insurance option to free up more cash

Pair Trucking Insurance and CarrierHQ Factoring 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit new customers for approval?

Email the following information to credit@CarrierHQ.com: debtor name, physical address, and phone number or MC number.

What is the cutoff time to submit invoices for next-day ACH?

To receive same-day wire or next-day ACH payments, all documents must be submitted by 12:00pm EST.

How long until my insurance policy is ready to activate?

The policy will be ready to activate 3-7 business days after submission. Throughout this time, we are processing your factoring application and debtors (if applicable) and verifying your ELD device.

Where do I send new invoices?

Send new invoices to invoices@CarrierHQ.com

What load documents do I need to send over with new invoices?

Send new invoices to invoices@CarrierHQ.com with all pages of the rate confirmation, or an email from the shipper stating a rate confirmation is not needed. Additionally, include a signed BOL, the invoice with shippers’ “bill to” information, net terms and total due, and supporting documents (ex. lumper or accessorial receipts).

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