Motor Carrier Insurance

Motor Carrier Insurance

+How long does it take to receive an insurance quote?

No need to wait days for an insurance broker to send you back your quote. You should receive an insurance quote as soon as you complete the online application – 15 minutes or less!

+How long is my insurance quote good for?

Your quote is available for 45 days, in which you may accept or reject. After 45 days, you will need to reapply for a new insurance quote.

+What additional coverage options are available?

Add-on coverages offered inside of the portal include:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Load Lease Gap Coverage
  • Hired Auto Coverage
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

+How long until my insurance policy is ready to activate?

The policy should be ready to activate 3-7 business days after submission. Throughout this time, we are processing your factoring application and approving debtors (if applicable) and verifying your ELD device.

+How can I check the status of my insurance application?

Check the status of your insurance application by visiting the CarrierHQ portal and noting the status in the Motor Carrier Insurance box on the home screen.

+How will I know when my insurance policy is ready to activate?

You will be notified via email and/or text.

+How long is the insurance policy period?

The insurance policy period is 12 months.

+Why do you need access to my ELD?

Sharing driving data enables you to receive discounted insurance rates as a reward for safe driving habits.

+I’ve been in an accident and need to file a claim. Who should I contact?

For liability incidents, contact Aon Affinity customer support at 800-492-5756.



+How can I submit new customers for approval?

Email the following information to debtor name, physical address, and phone number or MC number.

+How long does it take for new customers to get approved?

New customers are processed and approved within 15 minutes, on average, during normal business hours. Invoices will not be processed until related customers are approved.

+What is the cutoff time to submit invoices for next-day ACH?

To receive same-day wire or next-day ACH payments, all documents must be submitted by 12:00pm EST.

+Where do I send new invoices?

Send new invoices to

+What load documents do I need to send over with new invoices?

Email with:

  • All pages of the rate confirmation, or an email from the shipper stating a rate confirmation is not needed
  • Signed BOL
  • Invoice with shippers’ “bill to” information, net terms, and total due
  • Any additional supporting documents (ex. lumper or accessorial requests)

Payment Information

Payment Information

+How do I link my bank account to CarrierHQ?

Select Account > ACH Settings > Update Bank Account. Search your bank, enter bank login information and account information. From here, you will be guided through bank verification.

+What if my bank account isn’t shown on the list of approved banks?

Select “Link with account numbers”. You will enter your account information and verify your account through confirming receipt amount of two small deposits into your account.

+How can I change my bank account information?

Log in to the CarrierHQ portal and select Account > ACH Settings > Update Bank Account.

+Where can I access a breakdown of deductions and payments received?

View payments received and deductions made in the Payments tab of the CarrierHQ portal.

Company Formation and DOT Filing

Company Formation and DOT Filing

+How can I form a new business entity?

To form a company and file your DOT, log into CarrierHQ and select Get Started in the Company Formation & DOT Filing box.

+How much does it cost to form a new business entity?

Costs vary depending on state and type of business formation, starting at $129.

+How long does it take to set up a new business entity?

Completing the Legalinc questionnaire and submitting your application can be done in under 5 minutes. It will take approximately one month for your entity setup to be finalized.

+Who can I contact for support in setting up a business entity?

Contact Legalinc via email at, or call 866-757-5850.

Account Information

Account Information

+I forgot my password.

To update your password, go to the CarrierHQ portal and select “Forgot Your Password?” Enter your login email address and a link will be sent allowing you to update your password.

+Where can I change my password?

To change your password log in to CarrierHQ and select Account > Company Settings > Change Password

+I’m not receiving notifications from CarrierHQ.

Access the menu to update or change your account’s notification preferences by logging in to CarrierHQ and selecting Account > Company Settings.

+Where can I edit the information that I entered during enrollment?

Log in to your CarrierHQ account and select Account > Company Settings.

+My documents aren’t downloading on my computer. How can I access my documents?

It is likely that you have a pop-up blocker enabled. Disable your pop-up blocker in order to access document downloads.