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Terms and conditions of offer:

The following telematics program agreement is made and entered into by and between CarrierHQ LLC, an Indiana limited liability company (“CarrierHQ”), and the motor carrier identified in this sign-up process (“Carrier”).

Geotab will provide the ELD and service to Carrier and CarrierHQ will provide six (6) months of service at the Geotab ProPlus (“ELD Service”) will be provided at no cost to the Carrier, as long as the Carrier maintains at least one other service from CarrierHQ and activates and uses the ELD Service. CarrierHQ will determine Carrier’s eligibility for this offer in its sole discretion and may end the program at any time.

Carrier agrees that after the first 6 months of free hardware and service under this special offer, the Carrier will be billed by CarrierHQ for a monthly service charge of $24 per month per device (the “Monthly Service Rate”) for the ProPlus Plan. CarrierHQ reserves the right to change, at its sole discretion, the Monthly Service Rate, as long as prior notice is given to participating carriers. The ELD Service is provided by Geotab on a month-to-month basis, and may be cancelled by Carrier by emailing CarrierHQ at

This offer is conditional on the Carrier maintaining at least one CarrierHQ service in addition to the ELD Service; authorizing and maintaining the authorization of CarrierHQ to maintain reseller access from Geotab (“Reseller  and installing and activating all ELDs obtained from this promotional offer within 30 days of completing this signup process.  If the Carrier has not installed and activated any ELDs received via this offer by such date, then CarrieHQ and/or Geotab will be entitled to deactivate such ELDs, and this promotional offer will be null and void with respect to such Carrier.  Carriers that inadvertently fail to install or activate any ELDs received by such date may contact CarrierHQ to seek an exception to this paragraph (which may be granted or withheld in CarrierHQ’s sole discretion). 

By accepting this ELD and service from Geotab, Carrier also agrees to the Geotab terms of service found here: Geotab End User Agreement.

If Carrier cancels its CarrierHQ service or ELD service at any time (including during the first 6 months of service), then Carrier will immediately begin to be assessed a per-month, per-device service charge equal to the sum of $86 (the “Additional Amount”) plus the Monthly Service Rate that will be billed by CarrierHQ. CarrierHQ reserves the right to change, at its sole discretion, the Additional Amount, as long as prior notice is given to participating carriers.

The Carrier and person submitting this agreement approves that CarrierHQ will have and maintain Reseller Access to the ELD Service and is permitted to share the information provided hereunder with Geotab and activate so that Geotab can process the order and provide the ELD(s) and service.

CarrierHQ Client Success will get in touch with you to execute a copy of this form, where you’ll represent and warrant that you are authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of your Carrier and that you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms and to CarrierHQ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.