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CarrierHQ Announces Partnership with AIS

CarrierHQ is proud to announce its partnership with Indianapolis-based IT company, AIS. AIS is a proactive IT consulting, strategy, and security company that specializes in strategic solutions that help companies leverage technology to maximize their overall growth potential. AIS is partnering with CarrierHQ to provide a managed IT plan, support IT infrastructure, and further strengthen cyber security measures.

“CarrierHQ is thrilled to partner with AIS for managed IT solutions. While CarrierHQ focuses on developing, selling, and supporting our financial, insurance, and transportation technologies, AIS will work right alongside the team to manage IT functions. We look forward to the future growth of CarrierHQ with AIS as our dedicated IT partner,” said CarrierHQ CEO Scott Prince.

When approached about the potential partnership with CarrierHQ, AIS President Cody Rivers was excited to discover that this opportunity would benefit both organizations for the foreseeable future. “When CarrierHQ sought out AIS, we instantly recognized an opportunity to partner with an organization that is heading in the right direction. As CarrierHQ prepares for its upcoming product launches, AIS is providing the IT support that is necessary to drive success. We’re excited to help CarrierHQ support their infrastructure and drive IT efficiency; it’s a win-win for both of us.”

As CarrierHQ continues to scale, AIS will continue to advise our IT strategy and plan to align with our business goals enabling us to grow. These forward-thinking companies will leverage each other’s strengths to provide great utility as CarrierHQ grows its team and product offerings.

CarrierHQ is the on-the-go portal your fleet needs for motor carrier insurance, factoring, company formation, and more. CarrierHQ’s service offerings enable motor carriers to lower costs, accelerate cash flow, and grow their business. Your Fleet’s Mobile Headquarters… Welcome to CarrierHQ.

AIS aims to help clients solve business problems and capture big opportunities with proactive IT strategies. They leverage technologies provided by top-notch leaders in the IT industry to provide enterprise solutions to small and medium sized companies. As your business grows, AIS continues to monitor and assess how IT can support your evolving needs.

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