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CarrierHQ Partners with Human Capital Concepts

CarrierHQ is pleased to announce its partnership with Indianapolis-based professional employer organization (PEO) Human Capital Concepts (HCC). HCC provides strategic human resources solutions that enable companies like CarrierHQ to grow and focus on their business plan while attracting, supporting, and retaining top talent. HCC is providing CarrierHQ with a customized HR support plan, including overseeing human resources technology, benefits, payroll, and compliance.

“CarrierHQ is fortunate to have HCC on board as our partner. HCC diligently provides personalized support that sets them apart from other PEOs. This will allow CarrierHQ to maintain focus on its core service offerings in the financial, insurance, and transportation technology sectors. We look forward to CarrierHQ’s future growth with HCC as our dedicated human resources service provider,” said CarrierHQ CEO Scott Prince.

HCC Owner Harlan Schafir said that his company could provide exactly what their team needed. “CarrierHQ meets the framework of an ideal HCC client. We know through research that small companies who use a PEO grow faster than those who do not. With CarrierHQ’s product launch on the horizon, expansion is inevitable and HCC is ready to support CarrierHQ through their growth.”

As CarrierHQ continues to scale and expand product offerings, HCC will be at the forefront, offering strategic HR consulting and support. The organization’s customized solutions and expansive experience will be instrumental to the success of CarrierHQ.

CarrierHQ is the on-the-go portal your fleet needs for motor carrier insurance, factoring, company formation, and more. CarrierHQ’s service offerings enable motor carriers to lower costs, accelerate cash flow, and grow their business. Your Fleet’s Mobile Headquarters… Welcome to CarrierHQ.

HCC is a full-service PEO, HCC provides integrated and customized HR management solutions. HCC offers payroll and benefit administration, along with day-to-day HR support. HCC has the expertise and experience to help ease the administrative and financial burdens of managing employees, giving companies more time to manage their core business.

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