George-Fikes LLC Increased Profit Margin

“CarrierHQ sounds too good to be true!”

-Kenny Fikes

Kenny Fikes, Owner of George-Fikes LLC Construction, Consulting, and Management in Knoxville, TN was having a hard timing completing one of his bucket list items.

“I’ve always had an affinity for big trucks since I was a young boy, have owned many semis in the past that served my businesses, but I never drove.” Recently Kenny added a new construction materials division to his construction business – primarily selling rebar. “I purchased a truck, successfully got my CDL, and completed driver training so I could enjoy delivering orders myself as a true Owner-Operator. My company’s organization and outcome consultant, Keisha Rivers from The KARS Group LTD, and I thought the last step would be a breeze getting motor carrier insurance – but we were wrong.” Kenny and Keisha called 7 insurance companies that all passed on quoting Kenny due to his new CDL status. Keisha then responded to a CarrierHQ email and quickly got a quote with a great rate and the chance to go lower through the year based on Kenny’s safe driving. “I kept telling Keisha that CarrierHQ sounds too good to be true and she had to twist my arm to listen. Once I learned about their online de-risking and rates adjusting monthly based on my ELD driving data I was impressed.” Kenny’s rates have gone down 3 months in a row based on his safe driving – directly increasing his company’s profit margin. “My insurance is now a controlled variable cost for my business. I’m really happy to be a productive Owner-Operator with a strategic and enjoyable bucket list item checked off.” CarrierHQ welcomes Kenny Fikes to the road and congratulates him on his safe driving!