SHL Lowered Insurance Premium with Safe Driving

“I’m really thankful I have my insurance rates under control”

– Cynthia Kuykendall

Cynthia Kuykendall answers her phone “Dispatch – this is Cynthia” for her growing trucking and restaurant businesses – but this talented and busy entrepreneur wears more hats than that. “I did hot shot routes for several years and saved enough to start my own 2 truck fleet, SHL LLC, in Memphis, TN. My drivers had a couple years of experience and I was shocked when my insurance costs surged.” Cynthia responded to a CarrierHQ email and liked the idea of getting a competitive quote and binding through the online portal versus a lot of calls, emails, faxes, and manual paperwork with a broker. “I saved money right away with the Small Fleet Advantage’s rates – and recently my monthly rates have gone down even more. Being able to now monitor and manage my drivers remotely so they drive safely has really lowered the cost of running my business!”

Along with a successful trucking business Cynthia launched The Southern Grub restaurant in Olive Branch, MS – famous for delicious chicken dressing, fish, and turkey necks. “Covid then changed everything and forced everyone to lower their trucking costs to stay alive.”“I’ve been doing double duty at the restaurant while dispatching more loads for my drivers. The insurance program’s ELD data has helped me with route and load planning. Now I can be in two places at once.” “I’m really thankful I have my insurance rates under control…CarrierHQ has been the best experience I’ve had in 3 years!” CarrierHQ congratulates Cynthia Kuykendall on running successful AND delicious businesses!