Now available: no money down motor carrier insurance program with lower premiums for safe driving, made with you (and your wallet) in mind.

An exclusive insurance option your fleet can’t afford to pass up:


  • Do you want a free insurance quote in minutes?

  • Are you looking for a program that takes safe driving habits into account?

  • Are you tired of paying a large chunk of your insurance premium up front?

  • Would you prefer to pay for insurance on a monthly basis?

  • Do you operate a fleet with 1-20 trucks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Aon Affinity’s Motor Carrier Insurance Program is the insurance solution for you.

Aon Affinity’s Small Fleet Advantage is a new motor carrier insurance program now available for qualifying Arizona fleets!

This program is offered exclusively to fleets with 1-20 trucks, and it’s only available through the CarrierHQ platform. Designed with you in mind, this motor carrier insurance program enables you to pay monthly installments through your factoring activity. Your premium is directly influenced by your driving habits: safe driving = lower premium. With no down payment required and competitive annual insurance premiums, CarrierHQ helps you take your business to the next level.

No hassle.

No commitment.

No loss runs needed.

Arizona Motor Carrier Insurance

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See Safety Data in Real Time

Our Safety Center provides driving reports and safety data to help you manage your fleet and your risk.

Save Each Month for Safe Driving

With safe driving habits, you can qualify for monthly premium reductions during your first year, saving you up to 30%.

Trucking in Arizona

The trucking industry is an invaluable part of the Arizona economy with deep roots in the state’s history. Today, the Arizona Trucking Association strives to be the main voice for members of the trucking industry before state and federal legislators, speaking out about public policy issues and providing valuable services to the members of Arizona’s trucking industry. The Arizona Trucking Association formed in 1937, originally called the Arizona Motor Transport Association.

History of the Arizona Trucking Association

On September 8, 1937, 16 Arizona trucking companies incorporated the Arizona Motor Transport Association following the enactment of the Federal Motor Carrier Act. The Association held its first annual meeting as well the first annual Arizona Truck Rodeo the same year. In 1942, the Arizona Motor Transport Association celebrated five years of operation during the height of World War II, when trucking companies all over the country felt pressure due to fuel restrictions and a reduced national speed limit in an effort to conserve gas.

By the time the Arizona Motor Transport Association celebrated its tenth anniversary in 1947, the huge surge in postwar traffic to Arizona was already becoming a boon to the state’s trucking industry. Thanks to the development of several military bases throughout the state and the appearance of several defense companies, Arizona would experience a 50% population boom over the next decade. In 1950, the Arizona Motor Transport Association played a major role in trucking legislation, helping to maintain truck length at 65 feet and height at 13.5 feet as well as helping the state pass the Uniform Truck Code and sponsoring all-day safety trainings for Arizona truck drivers.

For the next several decades, the Arizona Motor Transport Association was an invaluable part of the Arizona economy, fighting for fair working conditions for Arizona drivers and supporting logical legislation to aid local drivers and maintain the industry. In 2004, the Arizona Motor Transport Association changed the organization’s name to the Arizona Trucking Association, continuing the nearly 100-year tradition of supporting the Arizona trucking industry and drivers with safety training, legislative lobbying, and ensuring fair enforcement of trucking legislation throughout Arizona.


Arizona Motor Carrier Insurance