Now available: no money down motor carrier insurance program with lower premiums for safe driving, made with you (and your wallet) in mind.

An exclusive insurance option your fleet can’t afford to pass up:


  • Do you want a free insurance quote in minutes?

  • Are you looking for a program that takes safe driving habits into account?

  • Are you tired of paying a large chunk of your insurance premium up front?

  • Would you prefer to pay for insurance on a monthly basis?

  • Do you operate a fleet with 1-20 trucks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Aon Affinity’s Motor Carrier Insurance Program is the insurance solution for you.

Aon Affinity’s Small Fleet Advantage is a new motor carrier insurance program now available for qualifying Kentucky fleets!

This program is offered exclusively to fleets with 1-20 trucks, and it’s only available through the CarrierHQ platform. Designed with you in mind, this motor carrier insurance program enables you to pay monthly installments through your factoring activity. Your premium is directly influenced by your driving habits: safe driving = lower premium. With no down payment required and competitive annual insurance premiums, CarrierHQ helps you take your business to the next level.

No hassle.

No commitment.

No loss runs needed.

Kentucky Motor Carrier Insurance

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See Safety Data in Real Time

Our Safety Center provides driving reports and safety data to help you manage your fleet and your risk.

Save Each Month for Safe Driving

With safe driving habits, you can qualify for monthly premium reductions during your first year, saving you up to 30%.

Trucking in Kentucky

Trucking is one of the most important industries in the United States, responsible for transporting billions of tons of cargo throughout the country every day. The Kentucky trucking industry is pivotal to the state’s economy and plays a major role in the distribution network of the central United States. The Kentucky Trucking Association has a 55-year history of supporting Kentucky trucking companies in various ways, earning a reputation as a respected leader of industry outreach, driver safety education, and trucking industry advocacy.

Kentucky Trucking Facts

Kentucky trucking companies are major contributors to the overall economy of Kentucky as well as the economic success of the entire country. Kentucky truck drivers transport roughly 70% of all manufactured goods throughout the state for a total of more than 220,000 tons per day and 80 million tons each year.

Almost 90% of Kentucky communities depend exclusively on trucking companies for the delivery of consumer products, food, and other goods they purchase and use every day. 100 percent of all finished goods arrive at their final destinations in Kentucky by truck, and more than 10,000 trucking companies currently operate within the state.

The Kentucky trucking industry provides more than 113,000 jobs to the state, including more than 28,000 drivers for a total of more than $5 billion in annual wages. Commercial driving continues to rank as Kentucky’s leading job category and most in-demand job need.

The Kentucky Trucking Association Is the Voice of an Industry

The Kentucky Trucking Association focuses heavily on driver recruitment programs to encourage new drivers to enter the trucking industry workforce to recover from the growing driver shortage throughout the nation. Some of these programs include apprenticeship programs, CDL training incentives, family support programs to increase driver retention, the Troops to Trucks program, and much more.

The Kentucky Trucking Association continues to serve as the leading voice for people working in the Kentucky trucking industry, representing their interests before local, state, and federal legislators and agencies to ensure fair and reasonable regulations and adequate protections for some of the most vital workers in the American economy.


Kentucky Motor Carrier Insurance